Your Payne County Bail Bondsman

Payne County Bail Bondsman

We understand that making bail can be confusing and costly. Signature Bail Bonds of Stillwater wants to help out by explaining the bail bond process and saving you time and money.

How Do Stillwater Bail Bonds Work?

After someone is arrested, the police take them to jail where they are immediately booked. They will want to immediately contact a Payne County bail bondsman. They can make a phone call and then they have to go into a jail cell, and sometimes have to await their bail hearing. The judge will then determine whether they can have bail, and how much the bail will be. Most of the time, the bail hearing occurs in the first forty-eight hours after arrest. Quite often, the amount of bail is simply too high for the family or friends of the defendant.

How Can a Payne County Bail Bondsman Help?

When the entire bond amount is not available, a bail bond agency, such as Signature Bail Bonds of Stillwater, OK can help. The bail bond puts up the full bond amount. The family members will pay a portion of the total bond amount as bail – generally 10% – to the bail bond company. This fee is nonrefundable. In addition, the defendant needs to show up to his or her trial. If the accused does not show up, the court can forfeit the bond and put out a warrant to arrest the accused. In addition, the cosigners of the bail bond may need to help locate the accused, or pay the entire amount of the bond if they skip out on their trial. Of course, this does not happen often and the bail bond company works with the cosigner to help recover the defendant.

We’d Love For You to Choose Signature Bail Bonds!

Jeremy with Signature Bail Bonds of Stillwater wants to be your Payne County bail bondsman. If you have questions, give us a call. Jeremy is happy to walk you through the making bail and explain the court process. Call Signature Bail Bonds of Stillwater anytime. 405-780-2399