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Stillwater Bail Bond Questions

We know you have questions. When someone is arrested, circumstance are often different. Whether you need bail for a friend or a family member, we do all we can to find answers and explain the bail bond process. Signature Bail Bonds of Stillwater wants to help.

What is the purpose of a bail bond?

Bail is offered for most individuals who are arrested and accused of a crime. The purpose of a bail bail is to allow the defendant to be released from custody while preparing for their defense. Waiting and preparing for court proceedings is often a long drawn out process. Defendants are likely able to prepare a better defense while out of jail.

How much are Stillwater bail bonds?

Bail bond fees in Stillwater, OK are typically 10% of the bond amount. The premium (fee) for a 10,000 bond is  normally $1,000. However, Signature Bail Bonds offers discounts for bonds over $5,000 when a family member with a stable work or residence history agrees to cosign on the bond. The best way to save money on Stillwater bail bonds is to demonstrate a very low risk that the defendant will fail to appear. We also like to know that the defendant has a strong family support system. Contact Jeremy with Signature Bail Bonds of Stillwater for answers. He would like to save you time, money and trouble. Signature wants to help!

How long will a case last?

All cases are different. Most minor traffic infraction or misdemeanors (such as Driving Under Suspension) are handled very quickly within a few days or weeks. Many other misdemeanors, such as assault or DUI, may require several court appearances before the case is resolved. While felony cases often go on for months or sometime more than a year. For more specific answers, contact us for confidential Stillwater bail bonds service.

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